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social-todd-big-210 years ago, I was a business development manager for a high tech startup in Green Bay, Wisconsin. No, that’s not an oxymoron. Steve Jobs was born here. We are the Silicon Tundra! But I digress. During those days, I spent fully 50% of my time looking for the journalist that would write the article that would validate our product. When we finally got that article, we sent the link to the collective address books of everyone in the entire company and said in effect “See? We’re real. Someone in a position to know said we are good.” Then came the power of inbound marketing, blogging and social media.

I now focus all my energy on understanding how an individual or small business can leverage the great tools we have at our disposal to create a place that is searchable, findable, knowable, memorable and shareable and because of all these ‘ibles’ I say that a person or a small business might become credible. My superpower, if you will, is helping people understand that they have a brand and what it is. Many times I’ll ask a client “if you are the answer what is the question”. In other words, what would people type in the search bar that would point to them as a solution. Those questions are the ones that you should continually be answering on the internet, out in public where people can find the answers.

If you’re interested in knowing more about how I do it, I spilled the beans on Ryan Rhoten’s podcast. You can get my attention using the form below or connecting via social media in the sidebar…

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